The World's Most Perfect Bag for an Active Lifestyle

A sport & travel bag that turns into a hanging closet

  • 7 pockets + water bottle holder
  • Thoughtful unfolding design
  • Organize and access your gear in seconds
  • Seamlessly hangs from anywhere
  • Folds neatly into a carry-on bag in seconds
  • Easy access to all your gear
  • Hassle-free packing & unpacking
  • Keeps your bag off nasty surfaces

Say Goodbye to Messy Sport and Travel Bags!

No more hassle searching for your gear.  ​7 thoughtfully designed pockets, ​organize all your essentials and see exactly what you’ve packed.  ​Quickly access what you need when you need it most.

The original design was created in 2019.  It has been tested, improved, continuously and extensively in both the US and Australia, since.  We have worked with our designers, specialist bag consultants and our manufacturer who has 30+ years industry experience through 8 prototype rounds.

The hang-fold-go system provides a simplistic and minimalist, more organized and hygienic way to manage your travel, fitness & wellness routine.  Go big, or go small, there is a place for everything.

The extra wide mouth S hanging hook has been custom designed to hang anywhere, over doors, hooks, cupboards, handles, anywhere with ease.  It has a silicon cap end to stop it from scratching.

Perfect for the gym, pool, yoga, camping, travel, anywhere that you use a locker or change room.  Hang it!

  • ​A patent-pending “hang-fold-go” mechanism
  • ​Large expandable mesh pocket externally
  • ​​Seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle
  • ​RFID shielding pocket, protect your information
  • ​A lockable front pocket zip for the storage of your valuables
  • ​​Ripstop material used for the outer layer, for non-tear
  • ​Detachable backpack straps
  • ​Strong extra tough, mesh pockets
  • ​Premium quality chunky zippers throughout
  • ​Two carabiners for hanging shoes, towel or water bottle


Designed with a patent-pending “hang-fold-go” mechanism. Seamlessly adapts to your lifestyle.  Premium quality materials used throughout.
The World's Most Perfect Bag for an Active Lifestyle

Hang-Fold-Go by FITKYT adapts to your sport, gear and lifestyle. 

The sturdiness and durability of the bag is evident in the details, from its high-quality ripstop exterior to its reinforced seams, abrasion resistant mesh pockets and heavy duty moulded zippers.

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What is the story behind Hang-Fold-Go?
It started in 2019, when Melissa found herself turning to exercise to calm her mind, relieve anxiety and stress.  Recreational swimming became Melissa’s outlet.  Most urgently, she needed a workout bag where she could leave her goggles, ear plugs, swim cap, flip-flops, toiletries and kick board, without having to pack and unpack everything. But it didn’t stop there. The perfect bag had to be versatile for using in the showers and stowing in a gym locker. And at home, it had to hang easily on a clothesline, a door or a cupboard, so that it could dry out between workouts. She scoured retailers for the perfect bag, and when she couldn't find it, she decided to make her own.

Using her daughter's sewing machine, she started designing the very first concept for the patent-pending sports utility bag, Hang-Fold-Go, and that’s when Melissa’s Harvard Business School classmate Katie Duffin got on board. Katie, a former collegiate softball player and longtime sales and supply chain leader, immediately saw the utility in the design for other sports, fitness and the wellness industry. They both left their full time jobs and with this, FITKYT’s journey began.
What types of sport is it suitable for?
The bag was originally designed by swimmers for swimmers, who have to contend with chlorinated water, soggy suits and towels along with kick boards, googles and flippers. On top of this, having to wash and change in small cubicles with limited bench space. What we found was that the bag is super versatile among many different sports, including gym, beach, tennis, yoga, pretty much any sport. It has also been tested and used for caravaning and in camp ground showers, wherever you need to use a locker or change room before or after, this bag is life changing!
What are the benefits of this bag over a standard cheaper duffle?
No matter if you are a gym goer, a yogi, wellness seeker, swimmer, runner, camper, surfer, golfer, play tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, or travelling, you are going to love this bag.  Its uniqueness is being able to ‘’hang-fold-go’’. You can hang in a locker, over a cubicle door, a cupboard or clothes line. Everything that you need for your health and wellness lifestyle can be contained in this bag, with ample space for wet and dry storage.
If you:
Dislike the gym change rooms
Your dry items get wet when using the locker room showers
Dislike having your clothes or bag, touching the ground or benches
You always seem to forget something
Your bag is disorganized
You can never seem to find what you want when you need it
You do not like unpacking your bag
Then the FITKYT Hang Fold Go is for you.
What is the total carrying capacity of the bag?
There are 7 pockets.  This bag has plenty of room for your gear, allowing you to pack big or go small. The unique design allows you to expand the it's capacity based upon your needs.  It has a total carrying capacity of approx. 90L.  
How much does it weigh empty?
Is the bag waterproof?
The bag is made of water repellent materials which have a polyurethane backing. The mesh pockets have been placed where water and air can flow through easily. For extra protection for your valuables or to place your super wet gear in, we suggest using a waterproof wet bag. You can use the carabiner clips or place into any one of the 7 pockets.  Our aim is to provide a FITKYT wet bag / shoe bag with the FITKYT Hang-Fold-Go.
Does it have protection for a laptop / electronics?
The small exterior pocket is lockable and is double lined with a RFID blocking technology, as well as a 400D nylon with a polyurethane backing. This pocket is perfect for your mobile phone, small electronics and wallets. Please note that the bag is sewn, therefore, it does have holes where the needle and thread go through. So it is not considered waterproof but it is pretty darn close!. If you require 100% waterproof protection we suggest using a waterproof wet bag.
Does it have dedicated wet compartments?
The top interior pocket has a polyurethane coating so it can hold moist or damp items. However given the zipper and bag are sewn, it is not considered 100% waterproof. The mesh pockets in the bag are designed to allow your wet items to air dry, if you wish. 
What is the size of the bag (dimensions) and weight when empty?
Size of Bag Closed (Empty)
Width = 19 ¾ inches
Length = 17 ¾ inches
Depth = 2 inches
Weight When Empty = 3lbs
Can the bag double as your carry-on, on a plane?
Yes.  International size limit for carry-on luggage is 45 linear inches. FITKYT Hang-Fold-Go is 39.5. Leaving 5.5 inches. It fits easily into an overhead locker. 
Where will you ship to and how much will it cost?
FREE Standard US Shipping.  Worldwide shipping will also be available at International Rates which will be charged to the customer.
Do you have other colors available?
We are launching with our signature, black bag.  We plan to have other colors and sizes, soon thereafter.
The manufacturers experience?
The product was originally designed in Australia by Melissa. Since then we have worked with designers, specialist bag consultants and our chosen manufacturer through 8 prototype rounds. We have tested the strength, design and functionality over 2 years making constant improvements and adding additional features.
We conducted extensive quality, design and RFQ processes to find the perfect partner and manufacturer. We also wanted a manufacturer based in the USA who had both in-house design experience and the highest quality control standards.
Our chosen manufacturer is based in Indiana, USA and they have been making premium quality bags and cases for over 30 years. They operate cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and they implement military standard 105-e inspection protocols on all outbound production runs. They have one of the lowest defect rates in the industry with high customer retention rates.
We have formed a strong partnership with our chosen manufacturer and we are sure that you will be as impressed as we are, with the quality, durability and functionality of the FITKYT hang-fold-go.
What is the experience and background of the co-founders?
Katie is a supply chain expert having 20+ years experience in consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, operations and supply chain. She is a Harvard Business School Alumnus and has a MBA in supply chain leadership & human resource management.
Melissa is an expert in strategy, communication and marketing. She is based in Australia, and has over 20 years experience in sales, product, marketing, digital innovation, risk & compliance. She is also a Harvard Business School graduate and a Stanford University, innovation & entrepreneurship graduate as well as a Y Combinator start-up school graduate.
Where do you see the future with this product line?
We have the opportunity to expand our product line by seasonal color, styles and sizes all using our patent pending design. We would love to develop a range by athletes for athletes. There are so many possibilities.  
Your bag is ready when you are...
It is also a visual reminder at home of the self-care that you need and deserve. All your workout gear in the one place ready to go, no more forgotten items that stop you from getting what your body, mind and soul needs each day. You can hang it anywhere, in your wardrobe, on a cupboard door, curtain rail, tree, railing, in the laundry, or on the clothesline to air it out. You can even wash it down with a hose!
Can you explain the inside of the bag?
The Middle Layer:
This layer has been designed for all of your toiletry requirements. Shampoo, soaps, make-up, hair brush, etc. This is where this bag comes into it’s own. When you are changing in a locker room it doesn’t matter if the items are wet or you put them back in wet as the mesh pocket allows for the water to go through and drip out the bottom.
The Bottom Layer:
This is one large mesh pocket. This pocket is ideal for putting in any of your wet items after changing. The mesh is breathable and also allows for water to run through. Your towel after a workout can go into this pocket, your shoes, your swimmers, etc. A laundry, wet bag or shoe bag would be a perfect addition for this bottom layer, we aim to provide these accessories for the FITKYT Hang Fold Go.
Folding your Bag:
Use the black bottom handle to fold the bottom layer onto the middle layer (male to female velcro), this is to ensure the bag holds its shape.
Use the top two handles to meet each other where the male and female zipper is. Put the zipper ends together and use the pull cord to close the bag.
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